The ALLEYCAT (Steam Punk Cat)

Here is a steam punk concept of a cat that I am going to attempt to animate for a start on a demo reel. I am discovering the power of blenders node system. Some CC would be appreciated…

OK Sorry about that…


putting some pics right inside your thread would be appreciated, too.

I don’t trust unknown sites and yours doesn’t show anything if you have noscript enabled



yay, thanks!

The cat looks nice! Only the lighting could be improved and some more details added (like cables, pipes, gauges, gears etc…)

good job so far!

Work in progress


Looks great! This way there is no need for more cat-detail

Looking forward to your next update!

If it intend to look creepy, I think it is “mission accomplished”
Now for more focused critic, even though the cat seems like a fine piece of modeling it’s still lack something to look steampunk for me :slight_smile: (like steam…)

As usual I would recommend googling for steampunk references. Observe the models and assimilate what makes them steampunkish…

On this precise example you have the steam (yay steampunk…) you have rivets (rivets where all the craze in the 19th century and early 20th).

Instead of simple articulations, I would see more complexity (think like clockwork mechanism).

Moar valves and pipes and pressure indicator for steam :smiley: (

Even if it’s a 1950 cat, these elements would be present. If it’s a 1870 cats, I would add copper, superfluous decorations and wood maybe…

This is my pics I got the ideas from Kinda my version of them


Reminds me of the kitty version of the “Giant Mouse of Minsk” from the movie An American Tail. (“Wewease… the secwet… WEAPON!!!”) Different, definitely… but I was also gonna ask where all the gears/clockworks were.

Ohh! The pic on the right in post #8 looks like a steampunk alice in wonderland! Can’t forget that Cheshere’s Cat eerie smile! :smiley: On the actual cat the forelegs look a bit awkward, kinda off center, maybe move them back or something, maybe it’s just me. You don’t have to really add anything if you are sticking to your pics in post #8.

There could be a little more variety in the tail…

CC Please on how to set up nodes


i have noticed somthingwith you, alleycat. you asked for cc on how to improve your cat, people tell you what you need to do (in this case add more detail to the cat) and you havent actually done any of the stuff people think would make it look better.

P.S you wont need nodes at this stage of production - you usually leave it till the end, once you have finished the model. so, get some more detail into the cat!

Working on it