The ALLEYCAT (Steam Punk Concept)

Here is a steam punk concept of a cat that I am going to attempt to animate for a start on a demo reel. I am discovering the power of blenders node system. Some CC on use of proper nodes would be greatly appreciated…

P.s. I full render baked every texture and each frame takes approx 15 seconds to render…Cooolllllll!!!

Here is an in forum pic, I did not think about people not being able to access outside pic sources. Sorry…


Steam punk scene


Real nice character concept, you’ve done a very good job texturing him.

The one thing I would say about the scene that you have placed him in is that it kind of jumps out that you have used a lot of unmodified primitive objects in the modeling. Also to my eyes the cat seems a little too large in that window, from the first render I would have imagined him to be slightly smaller.

nice. Crazy but nice