The Almighty Power of Blender

Personally i believe blender is an awesome modelling machine…for games… I think it is the best program for modelling on games…the game engine on the other hand can be made better…but if your having a problem then use crytsal space together with it…

want to make a scenery? make a plane then a couple of movements…done

want to make a person? extrude…subsurf

I have 3d studio max and i still use blender…
blender even has a great game engine…(gasp!)
If you know what your doing…

any thoughts on this?

%| Lol you’re asking this on a blender related forum, and the GE at that. :wink: Most bets are blender will win hands tied down.

Ok, whose the wise guy that voted Maya, hehe.

Jason Lin

Blender , duuuh. :smiley:

I dont remember 3d max studio having any game engines :-? .

What about Gamegen ?