The Alone Man


I have new work that I want to show you:

This picture reveals a man sitting in a room in front of a lot of money and in front of the TV. His story is as follow:

He tried to get a lot of money everytime in his life. But while he is doing it he has a tunnel vision. As a result he only focuses on his goal and don’t care about his friends and family. He really harm those, therefore they leave him.
Actually he reached his goal to get a lot of money. Unfortunately he is having now no friends and nobody who cares about him.

At the picture you could see the moment where he is realising that money is not all.

Hope you like it!
Please give me some constructive feedback for what I could do better artistically and techniquelly, next time. :wink:

Thanks for your time and attention


from a technical aspect, the character needs a little work in terms of sculpting more details, bump maps, textures, SSS/material. There are lots of tuts and resources for this, check out the “arnold shader ported to cycles” thread for example.

The money is just bricks instead of individual sheets of money so the realism suffers a little…

Otherwise nothing glaring.

But, it’s a really good effort anyway, you are telling a story and conveying ideas with the image, which I think is really important. Keep it up!

Thanks! :slight_smile: