The Altar

This is a little collaboration with my mate Thibault Mouton. He’s an amazing Z-Brush Artist.

We started making mood boards for each other for instance, I’d make a mood board to show him what type of environment I’m aiming for and he’d also make another to show me what type of sculpts he’s into and would fit with the idea we both had in mind. There were a lot of creative decisions involved in developing the idea.

Mouton actually started the project by trying out different sculpts, sending me some screenshots and by making some decisions together, we finally landed on this final sculpt. After he sent me the final sculpt with textures, I started plotting out the environment for it to sit in.

The composition and the lighting was a bit tricky in this one since I want the details of his sculpt to be visible while still maintaining that spooky and mysterious feeling. There were a lot of different things I tried but I thought setting the tree as some sort of an altar place would be nice so I started working on that idea.

Did a lot of different iterations for this. Different lighting, different colours, and different post processing. Here are some of the renders I did that didn’t make it as the “final piece”.

And here’s the final piece with and without post processing. This was all done in photoshop.

It was a fun project to work on after all. I did stress a bit in the beginning because it wasn’t looking how I pictured it. But I think in the end, it turned out to be quite nice.

Please go follow Mouton’s socials. That’d mean a lot to him and I think he deserves it too.

Oh also, there are 3 Easter eggs which all of them are living things. The horse and the wizard are not counted as Easter eggs. See if you can find them. Comment down below how many you can find out of 3. The revealed image is in the comment section down below.

Thanks for reading!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Beautiful work. Awesome color palette.


Beautiful. I could see this as part of the Elden Ring masterpiece.
These other pieces of yours really stand out to me with their color, lighting and composition:
A Visit
A Special Bond
Paradise Swing

As for the easter eggs, I see 1 for sure. I might see a 2nd but I cannot find the 3rd.

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Ooo you’ve seen my other work as well. Thank you so much. Posting the revealed now :smiley:

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I saw the crow, but didnt see the rest!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Hahah yeah they’re a bit well hidden esp the spider

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This freaking awesome!! Broo

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Thanks so much!

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Nice scene. Is there a way to get the same result in Blender (compositing/post) without going to Photoshop?


First of all, sorry about my late reply.

I think Blender has the capability to composite as good as Photoshop within itself but I personally prefer using Photoshop since I came from a background where I had to use Photoshop most of the time. So I’m more familiar with Photoshop workflow than Blender when it comes to post processing.

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apart from the fact that this looks absolutely brilliant and all that sculpting work must have taken forever, the use of volumetric lighting really brings together the moodiness of this image! Amazing!

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Thank you so much