The amazing koi rider 1, 2 & 3

Hi there
Been working this summer on an illustration for my dear Goddaughter. I decided to submit it to the blender guru fantasy competition as it seems to stick to the subject. Everything is blender made except compositing that was done in PS. It was for me the occasion to test the new denoiser that did a great job. The renders are very Hi-rez, so don’t hesitate to view in full size.
The characters being fully rigged, it gave me the occasion to try different renders and situations. I finished the last one a few minutes ago ;-).
Which one do you like the best ?

Terrific work, I really love it. Can we see the rigged character?

Great work :slight_smile:

oh wow this is so awesome! My favorite is the 2nd render (from the side with the sun in the background) that is soooo good!

Hi guy. Really glad you like it.
@fox : as concerns the rig, there is nothing special to it.
As they are intented to be used for stills, they are mostly fk rigs (based on rigify for the girl).
I’ll try to post a picture.
I have also posted viewport screenshots on my artstation page if you are interested.

Here are a few viewport shots for the techies. C & C are very welcome.

great Job mate, you should sell that to Pixar or Dreamworks…they should make a cartoon of Koi riders adventures.

Thx Baloo. In fact Kung Fu panda was definitely an inspiration :wink:

The second one is just amazing!

Very good!!
I liked specialy the lighting

Thx for the kind comments.
The lighting is a mix of hdr image for the “ambient” light plus 3 sun lamps of different sizes to control colr and contrast. Quite simple setup but it works quite well :wink:

They are all awesome. Since the characters are all rigged, what holds you back from making a short movie? - That would definitely be fun to watch.

First reason is TIME
Second reason is TIME
Third reason is cloth sim. For each render i had to manually adjust the wrinkles because i could not find an efficient way to make the cloth flow nicely with the rig. Nor could i find any good tutorial on the subject. I really wonder how they did it for agent 327. A good course on that topic would be very usefull. If anyone at blender foundation reads this post…it’s a prayer ;_)