The Ancient [WC#194]

The Ancient
Witness to the passing of time

This is my entry for WC#194 : Old. The title sums it all though.
I worked for about 2 hours with arbaro until I got a tree I liked and that filled the idea I had in mind. I exported it into blender as a .obj, modelled the hill and created the grass with particules. I added the materials and textures, placed a sun light at the appropriate place according to the background texture (which I rotated and stretched to place the sun where I wanted in the background World. It’s a rather tedious trial and error process with the X-Y size and move settings of a texture). I added some Ambient Occlusion to reduce the light-dark contrast of the image. Onced rendered I postpro’ed the image in Gimpshop to reach the final image. I’d say about 3 hours and a half of work on an early sunday morning to get this result.

I’d love a comment or two so feel free to post whatever you wish

You guys are probably wondering at the vertice count of the mesh. It’s around 300 000.

A very nice render and interpretation of the topic, Slepnyrl.

Best of luck in the WC!


Thanks RobertT, my interpretation is quite different from yours though ( yours is really original and out of the box thinking at the least while mine is more of a classic photography shot) I’m happy with the results I got after such a short time working on it though. I finally managed to get those huge poly intensive trees generated through the use of arbaro in Blender and just that made my day (I had been trying for a while to get manageable file size). Also,I have yet to win a WC but got more or less close on some occasions so I’ll cross my fingers again :rolleyes:

I do need to read up on using the strand option in the material window since I used it without knowing too much the effect

This is a truly amazing pictury. The first thing I thought when looking at the tree was “this is definitely an arbaro-made tree” (-; - Used arbaro quite a lot to do trees. So the more or less unique curves of arbaro trees are burnt into my brain…

But as I said: The picture looks really nice. How did you do the texturing on the leaves?

The leaves of the tree are actual mesh objects (individual squares) and there are a LOT of them…which explains the huge vertice count. The material on the is actually a simple green with no texture ( I don’t bother adding detail to things I dont need to, in this case because they are way too small)

If you are talking about the ground, it’s a combination of the grass particules and a ground texture I have that’s used with col on about 0.6 with the grass green color (which gives a more uniform green like the grass with slight variation rather than the full contrast from dark brown to light green)

And of course, thanks for the compliment :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice work for so small amount of time… I have to try arbaro sometime. The tree and grass are rather dark but so they would be in a real photograph also. Nice use of the infamous lens flare effect there, it looks really good.

Thanks ook. The “contrejour” effect is based on what happens to real pictures when you take them with the sun in front of you. The light of the sun is soo bright it dims the rest of the image, giving you this strong light-dark contrast, in addition to the lens flare. If you read my last thread on my last work (And the Sun will Shine you will see I have posted a short post pro tutorial on how to enhance this effect with the gimp or photoshop. Some softglow, a slight blur and the light flare after a good lighting setup in Blender give wonderfull results who are really pleasing to look at (in my opinion of course ))