The ancients before us

This new face is part of my ongoing study of the human face and skin.
This “ancients” theme is based on the elongated skulls found all over the world that belong to several different long gone cultures.
My intention was to keep the character´s expression sort of detached and “aloof” from our own world and values.
I tried different techniques for the skin shader but basically ended up using the principled node (random walk) with several different maps, including one for clearcoat, a microskin bump map, no displacement and a combination of specular and roughness maps.
I also painted a sss map as well as other goodies.
As usual, not very happy with the hair as I still find it to be Blender´s (or my own) weakest link.
Oh, and about the coins, I sculpt them one by one :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy it!


That is pretty epic skin, really nice work. Fascinating too, to have a peak at what the ancients may have looked like. Thanks!

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Thank you for your kind words!
And yes, I also find it fascinating, using CG to try to recover or recreate what´s been lost in the vaults of time. The possibilities are endless!