The animate button crashes Blender

Processor AMD Python DualCore 5600+
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT (installed latest driver)
Memory 3GB
Windows Vista (32bit)
Blender 2.55
Python 2.71
Definitely a noob.
I’m using the Yellow Submarine tutorial and everything works great until I try to render.
I enter the output settings as directed (resolution 320x240 and output to Quicktime) and select animate. I immediately get a windows message that “Blender has stopped working” and windows shuts down Blender and Python. Something ain’t right!

Attaching my build file:


YellowSubmarineComplete.blend (634 KB)

try to set output so anything but quicktime and see if it works =)

If it works without quicktime you got a build without ffmpeg, if you need it, you can grab a build at
Alternately you can use image sequences as export and import them lateron to e.g. VirtualDub and export any format you like.


if you can render a still image wtih F12, then I think not blender is the bad guy, but quicktime :D. Why not trying a h.264 avi?