THe animator path

I am going to college in two years, and cant decide which college to go to.I am going to get financial aid,so money right now is not an issue. I want to someday work at pixar studios. Any way enough dreaming, i cant decide which school to go to or

I guess Laguna would be closer,and i really want to go to the right school so check both of them out and give me some feed back


any one any one

I think you may wish to get hold of some one works there, or a graduate of that school. No matter what school you get into, most prospective employers will look at your grades, and your output. If the quality is up to their standards, then by all means, you have every chance of getting a job/contract etc.
All the best for your studies.

I don’t know about laguna but I recall hearing ringling is good.

cgtalk search on ‘ringling’:


The ones I would recommend that are “Prestigious” art schools and have a reputation of getting students into this industry are


SCAD RINGLING and SVA will require you to submit a portfolio.
Fullsail Gnomon VFS and The DAVE School will take anyone with the money.

per this post:

Ringling is the best choice for animation for me, but its king of secretive. I mean its just work work work, and there is no clubs raves parties. I know its about my future and im going to give it all ive got but sometimes life experience are better than work. Any way back to reality thanks for all the help Ringling here i come