The Antidote

how did I do? I am currently using this as a background for my computer ":stuck_out_tongue:

Modeling is in Sculptris, even the gasmask
Compositing, lighting done in Blender :smiley:


Looks like his body is cut in half down the middle, as though for some reason one side of his body is lit different than the other. Do you have a seem there? Perhaps you left the center vertices un-merged.

The composition is very symmetrical and boring imho though. Though the scene itself is very simple.

I might do something to help the text stand out a little better, especially the “is death” part. And is “Antedote” the correct spelling?

haha i am not sure what the correct spelling is lol :smiley: and yeah any suggestions on making it stand out :D.
and im unsure about the symmetry, and also of the actual seam, i have no clue why that is there :"{

I wonder if it will be able to be taken out of there, the seam is a little too noticable :stuck_out_tongue:

If you post a picture of the wire we might be able to figure out the seam more easily. My guess is that you’re using the Mirror modifier but you didn’t set the merge threshold high enough.

Yeah maybe, alright heres a wire ;D


lol the wire image doesn’t really help in trying to solve the seam issue.

I would just tab into edit mode, edge select the seam and size all the vertices to zero along the x axis then do a remove doubles. Then take the ten seconds to zoom in close to make sure all the vertices are joined, then re-calc normals.

If that doesn’t solve the problem then maybe it is a texture seam. In which case I would just get rid of the texture. This image isn’t showing any texture anyway so you wouldn’t be losing anything from the image.

haha :smiley: alright thanks