The apple incident

Not really a “finished project” , but last night I made a quick apple shape just to test some materials out, and the result looked pretty cool in a weird way, so I thought I’d put it up here in case anyone wants the material settings etc etc.

No post-pro, just ended up looking like this, purely through chance.

I can email anyone the blend who wants it. Does anyone know of a decent file hosting site???

Nice picture.

Edit: I thought you meant a site for hosting images %|.
I guess you could try, but then you´d have to make a website… Dunno about that, just an idea.

The fact that the mesh intentionally shows through just a little bit is very nice.

For a mishap, it has a load of possible ‘backstories’

Would look nice on a SF book cover. A sort of digital Adam & Eve setup.
Asimov’s robot novels or the like. Temptation enters the digital Garden of Eden. (The initial formation of the perfect Matrix as explained by Agent Smith in The Matrix 1. A paradise for humans)

Prompts the thought that there must be money for Blender users in the sleeve design market.


woah :o
that is one good looking apple.
the texturing is amazing :wink:

well send it to Jobs and make some $$$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice image. I like the effect.

i like the light setup,nice image.