The Appleseed Botanical Transport Assistant

In a forecast of LED’s and glossy white casings, We wanted to bring a little quirk and personality to the future. The future where even gardeners need friends, and your plants no longer have to be all dressed up with nowhere to go. From Politically Correct Systems Innovations LLC. comes the first purpose-built sentient vehicle in the rising field of potted plant transportation.

Welcome to Appleseed.

First post to BlenderArtists, and first time touching Blender after a 2 year hiatus. So this was completely modeled in Blender, rendered with Cycles, which is completely new to me. First impressions are that I love it! Although I wasn’t used to using nodes as heavily, especially for materials, so I’m still on that learning curve. I feel like the materials in this render could use some work, but conceptually I’m really happy with how it turned out. Any critique is welcome, I’m looking for next logical steps forward in improving my renders. I appreciate the criticism in advance, thanks for dropping in!

Modelled & textured with blender 2.71
Rendered with Cycles
Composite and postpro with Photoshop