the archaeologists

the archaeologists

rediscovering the past

modeled in blender rendered in blender with AO and post pro in photoshop

larger image here

cheers for looking

Wow! Awesome textures and lighting man!

Very nice image, textures, and interesting idea… the title makes me think.
I know it’s in the finished projects forum, but I still think there could be something more in the background. Looks a little plain at the moment. But so far, so good!

The mist and the cloud procedural BG really don’t work for me here. I would have thought you would add a nice landscapr of somekind back there.

Anyway, that is a minor point.

Model is very cool. Excellent texture work and your distint mechanical style really come though.


The models and textures are nice, but it lacks a really cool environment. Do you plan to put it in a scene?

I agree. Model and textures on the robot are great!

That’s pretty nice looking there.

I have one question though. How is this the past? I’m probably missing something here. XD Looks cool, though.

i think that looks great. nicely done

Thanks for the replies,

Yes maybe the background could be more interesting, maybe more extinct robots could be added, I would like the lights to have the effect of lights cutting through mist though, but haven’t got that quit right yet, maybe I need to use particles istead of the mist settings.

As to how can this be the past, well one day our distant futures will be someones distant past