The Ark

Here’s a WIP of Noah’s ark I was working on…however, it may not look much like an ark. My brother thought it was a large concrete structure with a house on it in the middle of the water.

Any criticism? Thank you.


add a wooden texture to the ark, should make it look more realistic

I added a wood texture from the public domain Blender Texture Disc, however, I think the main mesh is screwed up for texturing, as can be seen on the ends. How do I fix this?


U may have to use seams to have the mesh unwrap properly so there’s no stretching meaning u don’t get those texture mess-ups. BTW the wooden texture made it look alot more realistic, nice work so far

Hi, you would use UVmapping for the texture if you haven’t already, but you may need to work on the mesh if you don’t have good edge-flow, you can also turn on GLSL and go to textured mode to visualize the mapping in the viewport.

You doing your own visualization for the ark if it was on the water today (as seen by another modern looking boat in the foreground), or are you trying to model it from the description in Genesis? (if the latter, it would not hurt to find out how many feet a cubit is)

The dimensions are based off those given in the biblical account, although obviously, as we don’t know how the exact measurement of the aforementioned cubit, it’s going to be a bit rough. Based off an article at (, I believe I used a cubit of around 19.6 inches. However, that was the main box. I subsurfed and modified that box, so it’s probably a bit rounded down from that. (And I just realized, the cabin in top makes the ship taller than the dimensions given! Whoops.)

I threw the submarine in there because I felt like the scene needed it. :smiley: I could always get rid of it—perhaps some ground peeking above the water, or something floating in the water instead?

If I could get some good animal meshes, I could try sticking them on the outer deck; however, once you realize how large the boat is in comparison to the animals (as opposed to the traditional children’s book illustration of the ark), then it’s kind of, “What’s that little blob on the deck supposed to be?”

This really came out of watching some video tutorials, specifically the one on rain. I decided to do Noah’s ark with some rain, however, my rain looks horrendous, whereas his looks amazing. The really dark clouds I did using volumetrics, while the clouds in the background are from an image. I wanted to have a lightning bolt hit the deck of the ark, but I was having problems getting it to composite properly, so I gave up on that.