The arrival


this morning I was doing some test with aerial perspective and how to achieve it. As it often happens when I test something my scene went on and on… so here I am :slight_smile:

The model of the ship is from a project I am working on… is still not finished, but from the distance I think it work ok already. The guy in front is made with the bastioni lab and then tweaked a bit to obtain the armor.

Then rendered in cycles, post pro in blender and after effects.

The test with aerial perspective led me to this technique: on a different layer I rendered a big cube that includes the whole scene. For the cube I applied a volume emission shader with the Z component of the object texture coordinate as color. In post I combined this with a mist pass to obtain aerial perspective. Using this combination allowed me to tweak the height of the fog in post. It is not as good as the aerial perspective function in vray, but I think it works ok.

Here is the image. I hope you like it and please give some comment or critique! :slight_smile:

and here is the z component volume render I was talking about. If you have questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

I love it!
And thank you for the idea with the cube and volume shader, it will be very useful in the future!


How to set object texture coordinate as color?

Does camera need to be in the cube?


Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

@soul: Here is the node setup for the fog cube. the camera is inside the cube. it works even if it is outside but this way you get the most “realistic” result. The noise texture is multiplied over the height color to give some variation to the mist.
If you have questions just ask :slight_smile: Hope this helps!