The art collector Game (Als Honours)

Hi all
Iv been posting bits and bobs showing different media tests over the internet recently and now its time for them to come together I thought i should make a thread here to track progress for people who dont use blogger or whatever.
If you do use blogger and want to track the progress there heres the link:

PDATE 6:(Working link)
direct link:

Final game is now up:
its technically Beta2_3 but its done!

Beta2_2 is online:
a few fixes and a couple of small level layout changes.

Playable full game here>
Heres thre beta1 download(might need to right click save as) sorry it huge!

Beta 1

PLAYABLE Alpha2 for windows users found here:…

Heres a ply through of that demo:

The game is set in an old art collects house.
You play as a young boy who hears a cream form the old mans house, he goes to invesitgate and gets pushed inot a pop art painting and meets the old man who tells him he has to collect items like a sward and shield and a key from different paintings to stop the evil character who pushed you into the painting in the first place.
Your adventure will range from sketchy pen and ink sketches to beutifuly cute wattercolors and crayons/charcola etc.
Heres the story board post on my blog:

theres also basic level designs upon there.

Here is the main characters the boy and the old man

boy animations video:

old man animations video:

Im using blender 2.49b as iv had some problems with the game engine crashing a lot in 2.6

Il try to keep this up to date as much as i can.

what do you guys think so far?


Boy?! More like a tetrapus(4 tentacled octopus, just in case somebody didn’t get that)! The old dude has a very classic face.

ye the boy is bit noodle limbed and the old guy was suposed to look steriotipical.

Very very nice models! I like the style. The boy reminds me of Finn off Adventure Time. Can’t wait to see more!

This is insanely cool (talking about the art style and animations) :stuck_out_tongue: I looked over the storyboard and it also looks great. Cool. Can’t wait to see more.

Ye it dose look a bit like fin, the noodle limbs are quite iconic.
Glad you like the story boards too, im working on developing them thenow and will hopefully update soon.
O ye heres a SSAO test i did with a simple placeholder enviroment:

EDIT: I tryed this on the computers in the uni and was still getting 60fps :open_mouth: mabie it is doable as a high quality option :D.

Hadt troubles and didint wan to waste to much time making a movemtn system so i found this template online what im gona use.
Its an awsome template and is easy to edit.
Here it is in action along with a program called Keysticks for 360 imput key mapping.

Anyone ever used this template before and have any comtens on it , or things to avoid drying to do?

thanks Alastair

Lol think everyones lost interest in this project anyway heres the latest update.
Wattercolour level first pass:(made in the style of Scot C)
Heres a screenshot

and heres a youtube link to it thin action:

Heres the link to the blog bost explaining stuff a little more:

And again heres the link ot the whole blog:

This is still being worked on but some feedback would be nice


It looks really nice. Don’t lose heart.

Thanks :smiley: more coming soon

I think it looks pretty cool, that last vid, I feel like I should be listening to radiohead while watching it. Nice work going in there, I know this takes a lot of time and tears

Looks great, nice art! I highly recommend using 2.6, you may regret not sticking to new builds as you continue. May as well switch while you still can! Keep up the awesome characters! The walking boy animation is very strange though, :p.

Loving the style with this, especially with the water-coloured feel to it. Just out of interest, what uni are you at? I live in scotland as well and am helping out with undergrads in Glasgow. Would be great if your at the same uni.

Thanks, Na Im a 4th year at Abertay Dundee, for some reason Glasgow was the only uni that didnt acsept me. But if ur in glasgow give me a shout if thers any blender meet ups, and il pop down in the train. :smiley:

What would i gain from using 2.6? I know there will be new features and stuff all the time but im more comfortable with 2.49b and it dosent grash in game anywhere neer as much for me. I did 1 test in 2.6 , link to test here:

It turned out ok but there was times where everytime i pressed p or esc to end a game it just crashed and it was such a slow and anoying prosess.
And has the always sensor changed coz i had problems using it to play an idle animation after any other action.
Anyway thers still a few ppl working only on 2.49b got bge.
Plus i still realy miss the line gesture for grab shortcut, it speeds things up in my workflow.

New level first pass, Charcoal:

Heres the blog post about it.

Heres the video of the new level:

Notable things,
tunnel fogging

node set up(based on the fog in yo frankie):

And this is what those nodes do.

Previous fogging test:

blog post abotu test:

Again if ur interested heres the full blog:

Wow! This is awesome! :smiley: I love the ideas you have.

Dose anyone know how to limit the framerate of a game in BGE? some of these effects loot too smoth when running at a full 60 fps,

UDPATE The Villain:
Herer is the villan for the last level of the game:


The backgrounds need work but il get there.

Your game looks really unique and expertly crafted.
You really nailed the styles so far and your use of the nodesystem really shows off its/your power.
I for myself did some test a while back with different art styles but the flickering and unsteadiness you applied to your world really sells it.
The villian itself already looks cool. I hope the vanashing animation is part of some sneaky special attack.
Best of luck,