The art collector Game (Als Honours)

Man, this is amazing, I loved it, congratulations!

Hi all Heres the latests level
Pen and ink sketchy style

And heres the more indepth blog post about how some stuff was done.

Let me know what u guys thing , i realy wana get this level right as its the final epic fight.

Thank you,
I’m glad you like the flickering as I’m still unsure about it and the places where it should be used.
And the idea of him being sneeking and jumping underground did cross my mind but that was supsoed to be a place holder death animation as he will get sucked into a painting ghost busters style.

Amazing. I really like your blog too, it’s very instructive. Keep up the good work!

Thank you ye I hope people can look at my blog and learn how to do some of this stuff, or at least the basic techniques.

The shader work you have there is awesome, and your modeling is slick, as well. Great work.

For recording your videos, you might want to look into using MSI AfterBurner, as it gives you nice, high-quality footage with a good frame-rate (like FRAPS), and it’s free.

Wow…that looks really good :yes:

Thanks , ye i would record at a better quality and framerate if my laptop let me lol. Its running at 10ish fps on some of the more complex levels, but i tried it on a good pc at uni and it gets a full 60 fps.
On that note dose anyone know how to limit the fps of a game in blender, i thin mabie the 60 fps loses some of the effect because its too smoth and looks CG, bit if i could cap at 24ish , it would better resemble traditional and drawn animations.

You can change the FPS rate by changing the FPS value in the world settings with Blender Game render mode selected. The setting is available under the Physics Steps section.

Thanks, i think i tryed this in a blank scene before but it didint work. Tried it there and now it dose. It dose limit the framerate but somehow if i go lower than 10 frames my character glitches all over the place, dont wana go under 10 but just found it weird, is there any problems that can occur but limiting in this way?

Also just realised that my actual framerat goes up when i reduce the limit. form 12 ish at 60limit to about 20ish at 24 limit.

What do you mean by them ‘looking too smooth’?

I mean like most traditional animation in these types of media is at 12 or 24 fps.
And by having something close to 60 fps it seems really smooth and almost too smooth to be belevible. It sometimes just looks a bit computer generated.

Hi all here’s the enxt level: POPART

This shows a level inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein.

I used a reepeeting room to echo the pop art movment, the repitioin also acts as a game play device much like the lost woods in the Zelda series.

Heres the link to the brief blog post on the making of this level.

Ooooh awesome! Very well done on matching the style! But I’m sure you noticed at 0:46 that the door frame is off. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the only crit I have. Also nice little implementation of yourself there on the wall. Haha

Thanks , Ye i noticed that wall placement when i was recording this video. Its fixed now , thanks for pointign it out though.

No problemo. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been keeping a close eye on this project since you posted.

Please Help!!!

Haveing a little trouble :S, i have all the scene ready to put together for a first alpha build but when i append in a scene the character is unable to move :S. Help. dose anyone know why this would be ? Il post a blend if anyone wnts to look, just request.

Any thanks apreaceated as this has realy stopped me in my trackes thenow :S

Is it somethign to do with the naming , dose the scene add a .001 to everything if it already exists in the project?

Heres the blend, dropbox link sorry its like 200 mb (right click save as):

Think i found a work around , i saved each game out as its own .exe and then linked them via game, start new game, think the load times might be longer or something but it works with minimal effort :D, although the last level crashes insted of gogin back to the hub level

Hi all quick update , iv got it all working , load times are realy long but its ok for thenow.
Heres the video of all the levels together. (note i edited the video to add in loading screens and cut down on watching the actual loaiding time. In game when loading a level it seems like its froze but its just loading)

Heres the link to the .exe sorry non windows users , i have to point directly at the exe to get tit to stitch together right.
If link dosnt work give it a few minits(dropbox, 89mb zip)

To play double click on the level1.exe and wait till it loads then you can maximise by pressing Windows _Key + up_Key. ()the game uses keyboard and mouse but maps nicly to 360 controller if you use a program sutch as key to joy, xpadder, or keysticks.

Incase you missed the link before here is the blend file with all the levels , you can only run around in the first one but you can ahev a look at the node setups in the other levels if your interested :smiley:

Hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think:D (cut scenes and other polish still needs to be added but its getting there)

Hi all just posing to say im still working on this , took most of last week off to get some of the dissertation to go with it started. ona a good path with it now so dont feel so bad about working on the game.
Iv also been asked to enter this game into a contest in scotlnd by one of my lecturers and the deadline is wednes day so im gona be working on this constantly from now to then , expect some kind og more complete releace on wednesday :smiley:

So aft iv fixed most of the problems in :

Iv not coded up the boss ai yet
or added loading screens or
any audio

Heres hoping i can get it done.
just so i show something here is a wolf for the watercolour level:

Cant wit to see what you all thnk when its doe, and general bug testing would be appreciated :smiley: