The Art Instute of Pittsburgh

Is anyone here familiar with these folks? I have almost completed an application for enrollment in their on-line studies towards a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts because I think that I am eligible for some government grants in order to do so. I am a bit concerned about all of the legalease on the application forms. They do have several campuses, one that is not too far from here, it looks pretty nice. So, any feedback?

Oh, and since it’s all about commercial softs, I just had to put in my blurb for open source in my little essay they wanted me to write. :slight_smile:


They have a campuses in California, and I think one in Michigan.

Yes, and one in Portland, Oregon as well.

Yeah, I actually almost started taking classes full time at their campus in Colorado this last monday, applied and was accepted and ready to go, but circumstances got the better of me and I had to drop out right before I started. Ask me anything you want to about them.

Yes, they are recognized so you can apply federal student aid to their tuition. From my searching around they came up as one of the better animation programs in the country, right up there with Full Sail Academy, which was the other school I was looking at. the only problem I had was the one here in Colorado was a bit pricey, which was the main reason I dropped. Do you know the tuition rates for the one near you?

I checked it out a while back, I am in oregon ,but too far away to attend on campus
which is unfortunate considering things like life drawing, and sculpting classes.
Did you happen to see anything about how they are using the webinar tech for online?
I have done some free webinar classes ,mainly with Blenducation, which I highly recommend.
Those classes were very hands on and allowed personal questions, so it increases the
effectiveness of online study immensely. I also did one tonight with Animation mentor, that was mainly lecture/panel disscusion, but at one time there were 390 attendess taking part in it. I would be surprised if Pittsburg art institute didn’t use a lot of it these days.

@ atemporalskill
Oh yes, yes I do. It is around $14 hundred dollars per class, let alone the price of software and equipment just to get started. Of course you get student rates. That is one reason that I am hoping for grants, I am really, really getting tired of Top Ramen, still, it is food I guess. I dunno, what’s more important to me, CG or a large steak? Well, one lasts a life time, and the other turns into something smelly the next day. Go figure…

@ pixelmass…
Are you saying that “Top Ramen” does not turn into something “smelly” the next day ?

And,how can you have time to do these classes when you and Xhochi are supposed to be figuring out what to do with the chalice !!!

Well no, not exactly. However it is less stinky than some things, you know, like a big ol’ steak grilled with all of the fat and some garlic and a salad made out of asparagus with onions, anchovies, eggs, and spinach tossed with a dressing made of beer, olive oil and salsa with capers and black pepper. With a side of order of French fries, fried to a golden brown in who knows what with a touch of MS just for fun. Oh yeah, I’ll super size that, thank you.

And as to Xchochi and the chalice, they seemed to have disappeared into the realm of forgotten threads, so, unless she shows up again due to someone else’s contributing efforts, then I shall have plenty of time to pursue my own quest.

By the way, I did submit my application for acceptance, and now I am left only left to fill out releases for schooling transcripts and applications for grants and financial aid. I’ll see how it goes from here, it really is quite a trip. Wish me luck if would. Thanx…

Hey,that’s great about the classes Pix. Keep us posted on how it goes. I know I would like to hear some progress reports.

And maybe Xhochi will make a return one day…I liked that thread.

Oh yeah, I miss Xho too. By the way, I was accepted and my grants were granted and now it is all about ironing the details. I did have to submit a couple of renders, it seems to have worked. Today I am very happy. Well, we will see how it goes from here. Time will tell… .
Edit I didn’t really have to submit anything, I just did fit just or fun.

Oh dudes,
I got accepted! Now I have to figure out my financial choices. They range from $0.00 to $3000.00 dollars a year, no kiddin’. Guess which one I think I’ll go for? Boy am I happy. But then again, you know me, either under the clouds or riding on a rainbow… . Cool, classes are to start on the 20th. Wow… . Now all I have to do is make up my mind.

By the way, I was talking with an assistant director of admissions. He is really a cool dude and I have to admit
that I did give a shameless plug for blender. The funny thing? He had never heard of it before! He got all exited because he was trying to help another starving artist in Mexico that had no fundings to get from here to there.
I actually had to make him read the links that I sent. He freaked out and had to call his friend in Mexico immediately to share the news. He also called another friend in California who is mentoring kids in the arts. None of them had any idea about all of this thing we have going on. If telephones could cry, I’ll tell you what, I think that I might know someone who is dripping wet. Too cool dudes. Thank you Ton…

Congrats, Pixelmass! And best of luck!