The art of P4blo

Hi everybody, im here to show you some of my works, if you have any suggestion im glad to listen, also if u know some good artists that could be great references for improving my style you can post them!

pretty cool!

Beautiful work, excellent sense of geometry and perspective, your style looks very unique to me.

Those look good :slight_smile: I really like the vehicle. How long did it take you if I may ask?

Hi and thanx to everybody,

: It took me about a week, it was one of my first concept arts of a vehicle, and I was learning painting techniques in photoshop. It was based on HR Giger art, and using techniques I learned from a highly recomended artist Feng Zhu I´m glad you liked it.

Here are some more works:

Wow! They are just amazing. Most of my works are like about an hour or two at most. The fact that you spend so much time shows in the nice beauty you have put in them - these are all top works.

Thanx kbot that´s really praising!

Keep painting , you have a strong style.

Thanks Numarul!

Well this are ones of my favorites, speccially the pirate´s one! I love Pirates!!

Second needs better shading and the first one need a little specs on the water ripples, lineart it is good on both.


Thats true… some little specs would get it better, the second i was experimenting with textures style, maybe it needs more contrast but I like it as is.

Thakx for the critics!

Wow love the last one!
parody on titanic?

Yeah! Pirates can be romantic too…