The art posted at the top banner of the site

You can flag off-topic posts now. So far it seems to help to keep the discussions more on topic.

I am pretty sure our posts are going to be flagged as well :smiley:

I would think the potential solution for avoiding nudity in the banner and thread thumbnails would be easy if the forum had an option to let users define the area of the image to be used (so the least risque portion of a given image would be shown to those who don’t enter the thread).

I know there is the old “if you don’t like it don’t look at it” argument, but that’s kind of hard to do if it’s in thread thumbnails and the banner (especially since the latter is often the first thing seen when taking into account the human tendency to read from top to bottom).

Another potential solution is for people who don’t like such to post some awesome G-rated images in the Finished Projects forum (if they get featured, any objectionable image will move off of the banner more quickly).

i understand the idea, but sometimes the “meat” of the work (no pun intended) needs more than a cropped shot.

The only catch with your suggestion is that, if you use such a carefully-selected thumbnail, then you may well be accused of entrapment by those who will freak out when they enter the apparently-innocuous thread and are confronted with pr0n of a standard that would make Stormy Daniels faint.

Exaggerating slightly for poetic licence there, but I think the point is clear. :slight_smile:

The unfortunate reality is that you simply cannot please all of the people all of the time, so that life becomes largely an exercise in deciding who you are going to choose to annoy. Personally I would not be the slightest bit worried if this site were considerably more permissive, but others would prefer it more prudish. I think this place manages to strike a good balance between permissiveness and prudishness.

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That was not a problem back in the Elysiun days (before thread thumbnails and a banner were a thing). It would be a matter of members adding a ‘nudity’ tag to their thread links (I believe Discourse supports tags like this).

My preference would be this forum being a bit less permissive as far as nudity goes, but I realize that is very unlikely to happen (hence the ideas).

Flagging posts as nudity or nsfw seems a pointless exercise… if I go to an art gallery and look at classic works they’re filled with nude studies. How unaesthetic it would be to have NSFW or nudity warnings everywhere!

Also for some it becomes almost clickbaity. The mod team has my support for it’s current approach. This is an art site and that banner pic is no worse than shots from mainstream fashion magazines


I can’t help but think nudity is only as much of an issue as you make it. Who cares if kids see someone naked, it’s not like they’re doing anything sexual, and a naked body is something perfectly natural that it would be good if everyone was a bit more used to seeing. In most of Europe it’s perfectly normal, there’s nudity allowed in parks in the middle of cities, and there doesn’t seem to be a high number of degenerate young people because of it.

The funny thing here is that the picture in question is of a topless woman. I really would like anyone who claims to be concerned about “the children” to show me one example, of any child, anywhere in the world, who has ever been harmed by the sight of bare breasts.

Most children start their lives looking at bare breasts, and are glad to see them at the time, and are better for the experience. It is perfectly natural for children to see them. It has been natural for thousands of years, and children are well-adapted to deal with the “horror” of the situation. To claim that pictures of topless women will cause harm to young un’s is, quite frankly, ludicrous.


It’s not flagging as opposed to just attaching a simple label using Discourse’s built-in tag feature (flagging would suggest bringing it to mod attention).

You can still post your nudes, and it still respects the old “don’t like it don’t look” argument. It’s just a matter of a simple compromise to people who don’t want to see such by default just from browsing the project sections or even by just simply visiting this site. This would be especially important because people also come here for help using Blender or giving feedback for development (especially since if you’re looking for an alternative English-language forum for Blender, you will not find one).

Again, I’m not advocating for a crackdown on nude images, but trying to seek out a solution that would work for everyone (especially considering the universal accessibility of the Blender application due to it being free). A solution that takes into account the fact that not everyone has the mindset of a European, and that Blender is used by more than just adult artists and studios (but also kids, businesses, churches, and other entities that otherwise wouldn’t have money for 3D software). In a sense, I could see an important case for one to at least have the option for a G-rated visit if the purpose is getting help, providing feedback for an area like Cycles, or receiving feedback for a project.

Here we go again!!! (reminds me of a song from the eighties). :rofl:

Sometimes when I sit and read these kind of posts that will inevitably go on for days again I want to cry, but sometimes I laugh, I suppose it depends on whether I had all my meds.

Can someone get me a BANNER for my latest WIP, the OP will need to be defibrillated if he sees the kit I am making.


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Pornography is not the bare back of a woman, and it could barely be considered nudity. If you went to an art museum and saw a naked statue, would that offend you? If so, then don’t go into a museum and don’t visit a site where wonderful folks post wonderful ART.


Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal

By the definiton by Wikipedia this was obviously not pronographic, not even remotely.

Case closed in my opinion :rofl: