The Assassin

(mal3Imagery) #1

Render in Cycles
Post in PS


(JoolsMcFly) #2

You did well on this one but I wouldn’t expect an assassin to have such a porcelain skin. Some scars, imperfections here and there would help sell your character better. Right now it looks like it’s his first day on the job. :slight_smile:

(ArcHWiZ) #3

Or he is so badass that nobody can hit him.

(BigBlend) #4

See 7 samurai movie and you’ll know what a good assassin looks like :slight_smile:

I like the piece. It looks great, but I want a full body shot. This looks like a character from the assassins creed universe.

(michalzisman) #5

I’d go to war with him anyday.

(MZGarmi) #6

Awesome work mate. Rlly impressive.
5 Stars

(Tonatiuh) #7

You speak only about the render and the post, but what about the sculpt, the retopo, the cloth, the hair??? I neeeed to know!!!

(keniiJA) #8

This is very impressive, I like what you did with the particles and I think that the outfit is well modeled.

(foxrender) #9

I always think an assassin should have his face masked. :spin:

(Meshmonkey) #10

His face is the last thing people see.

(Pierrick PICAUT) #11

Very very good one here.
I do believe, as others, that the face skin could be enhanced, especialy with this quality of modeling.
It’s quite too clean and too goldenboy style but honestly, this is a very impressive character here.

Give it a higher resolution render!

(Truesmith) #12

Stunning work, I like the post production. And would also like to know more about the process - topology, polycount etc.

(TheVoid755) #13

CGI of yur self congrats

(georg) #14

This is a Daz3D-quality model. Did you model it yourself?

(Joey Blendhead) #15

Whoa! Great composition :smiley: