The Astonishing Tales of Hank and Jan

I’ve had this idea of making a version of Ant-Man and Wasp from Marvel comics as kids/teens with homemade suits, like if it were an all-ages comicbook last year, and I only put myself to actually do it after watching the Ant-Man movie last night. I’m planning to do it with a cartoon-esque style and render it with freestyle. I would like any suggestion you might have.

This is the first sketch I did with some very rough colouring over it on GIMP of how it’ll look (it will have some changes, like the title, for example).

And here I have some more character designs I did and references I looked:

I’m sorry for the bad quality of these drawings, I did them at the border of my college notebook. I will be posting some progress tomorrow :wink:


Here is the winged carpenter ant (932 polys) with some anatomic inaccuracies for the sake of friendliness :wink:

And a quick test of the grass and freestyle

Some more progress on Jan: