The Astronomer

I started another project today after playing around a bit. I was actually going to start working on the grass library, but then I started getting a little carried away. Now I’m interested in some crits on it. I’m gonna title it “The Astronomer”.

If you are going for that cartoony realism bit, it looks great, no crits so far.
However, if you are going for realism, I advise looking at the structure of that hill, because it looks unstable to me, and best of all, if you are going for realism, get a starmap.
Don’t get me wrong, those are the best Blender stars i’ve ever seen, (if they are indeed Blender stars). Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue: .

Looks awesome to me, what are your plans for it?

There is one thing that stands out very much to me, but its probably just because this is an early WIP. The grass on the side of the hill is not natural even for a NPR scene. It seems to be growing randomly, not well defined, and I also have a hard time believing it would grow there, what with erosion and gravity.

I do have to say though that the tree looks exceptional, as well as the lighting of the scene. Keep up the good work!

very nice, it looks very poetic.

one thing that bothers me though is that the hill seems to just come from nowhere, the rest of the scene looks like a different environment, then there is a ledge jutting up from nowhere. also,i would use the same grass on the hill as in the rest of the scene, it looks too small on the hill, like it has been mowed.

other than that, possibly add a background, but thats just me ( i can see some dark and beautifull mountains way back in the distance there)

i love the ferns (im no good with plants, what are they?) or bushes that are in there.

i cant wait to see more added!

Yes, they are Blender’s stars. They take some time and tweaking to make them look nice. Like I said before, I wasn’t really aiming for something until I got carried away with it. I guess it’s more of an astronomers outpost dream, with wide open spaces a little surrounding light, providing a great star gazing experience. I’m gonna add a simple character sitting on the hill side with a gold looking-glass type of telescope. I’m debating weather to add a surrealistic meteor shower in the sky or not, but I’ll most definitly include a couple shooting stars.

The grass on the hill will get some tweaking, but the hill texture itself will be edited more. I first thought of a “Pride Rock” type of scene, but it was too fishy, hence the rock texture. I’m gonna make it more dirt like with roots comming out the side, and small rocks around the edges. I’ll also add some more in the scenery to make the hill not so prominent. The tree and the ferns were generated using my favorite tree generator, an open-source application called Arbaro.

Ok, with some playing around, I have some updates:

This is the telescope model I will be using. The texture sucks at the moment, but I am still working on the modeling.

First Thought: “ah, much better. That is relaxing!”
really, that’s the first thing i thought of. I dunno, somthing you did, makes is smooth, and somewhere i want to be very bad :stuck_out_tongue:
The thing I love best is how you portrayed the wind. Very, very nice.
The hill is like 50000000000000000000% better too, that’s alot.
Telescope is looking awesome, can’t wait to see!

This reminds me a lot of pride rock from lion king. Yes, that’s right, I remember details like the name of Simba’s home from one of the greatest movies ever.

Anywho, unless I missed it when reading this thread, I didn’t see if you were going for photorealism or an artistic “cartoon”-ish style with this. I really like the style that this is headed in, and I was just going to suggest an almost cel-shaded character would fit in pretty well into this scene. It all really depends on what direction you are thinking of taking it now.


Amen, brother!

Looking pretty cool, i like the sense of space around the tree.