The Atmosphere

Hey, I really would like to know how I could make a nice atmosphere around my earth render. Does anyone knows how to make one?


Not sure if it’s a good method but you could probably use a blue halo material.

year… Use halo… Make an object in the center of the planet, with only 1 Vertice in the object. Give it an white halo material, size the halo up so it gets a bit bigger than your planet. And then you are done :smiley:

If you can see the halo trough the planet, it might be beacuse you have activatet “Ztransperant” in the planet material. Hope this helps :smiley:

There is a planet tutorioal that describes how, but use a fresnel sphere insted of halo. The Halo option is fine for stills but is no good for animation. It also takses longer to render a halo than a sphere.

could you tell me where i can get the tut?