The Bæ Chronicles - Episode 1: The Jump

I’m almost embarrassed to post this here, due to its simplicity, but what the heck… :wink:

Some time ago - in January I think - I made this short for my son (who was about 1,5 years old at the time). He has a plush(ish) sheep which he calls “Bæ” (which is norwegian for “baa”, in case that wasn’t obvious :wink: ), which I thought it would be fun to animate.

The movie (3 MB DivX):

It’s awfully simple, but more than anything it was a great way of learning to use the animation tools; actions, the NLA editor, the sequences, etc. And my son loves it. :slight_smile:

(Oh, and all the sounds have been stolen from Worms: Armageddon. Don’t tell anyone.)


lol, that was cute. I can see why your son loves it.

There is nothing wrong with simple. It’s a great way to learn.

Hey, that’s a great little animation. Good work.

Are you planning to make more episodes?

Thank you for the comments. :slight_smile:

Yes, hopefully. I haven’t got any concrete plans yet, though. :slight_smile:

I love it too :smiley:

The sheep is so cool with its blinking eyes and I love the ears “wagging”.

I hope there is more episodes.