The Bagpipes

I still need to get my earlier WIP (“The Ark”) finished, but here’s something I’ve been working on since this last Thursday night…

My brother is a piper, and I have here a simplified model of the chanter, along with two reeds, all set on a tartan. I did the tartan using the cloth simulator, and then added a denim texture to help with the normal map.

I’m thinking I need to turn down the specularity a bit more on the reeds (it’s already at 0.300).


Here’s a bit updated version…

I actually like the first version more. The wooden part looks weird in the second render. You should tone down the bump map on it.

I redid the bottom of the chanter, creating a better low-poly bottom and subsurf’ing it. I also tried to get the material to look more like African blackwood:

Nice work. I have no critiques, just thought I’d say that this is a great start. :smiley: