The Barcelona Chair

i saw this chair and i had to make a 3d model of it
it was very easy to model, all i had to do was follow the reference and make a couple curves here and there, array the repeating parts and then texture it.

tell me if the leather is too crakcly

feedback is appreceated positive and negative you wont hurt my feelings

Looks really nice man, good work. when working with curves do you line them up how you want and extrude to make thicker?

these are my settings for when im using curves

depth is your thickness
resolution is how dense the mesh is

the fill tab of the shape section should have full in the box if you want a full circle

i hope this helps

Not bad. (I am for Real Madrid sorry)

Thanks man, Im gonna add that to my repertoire of tricks lol

Hello Knive, Nice setting showing in curves here. But material you prefer to design a barcelona chair?
I am using chromed stainless steel and leather material. Is there any other good choice here?