The barn is on fire! (final version)

Another finished version of my “Barn”. I already posted the early version here (link), but this is almost completely redone, so I think it deserves a new thread. I added the frame with title this time so that it looks more finished, but some updated version is quite possible it the future. Comments are welcome. Thanks.

Update: This is the final version. There are a few changes based on your comments. The monkeyman is gone - replaced with a tractor - this makes this version completely different fom the first one (see link above).

(Previous version is here:

wo! dramatic lighting and clouds, nice grass, textures, composistion, flames… I’d like to hear how you did those flame effects… do they work in motion?.. but he farmer … eww. Iook at some photos of people running - look at the poses. Or - well - take the farmer out and you’ve got a fantastic pic.

Hey, looks really nice! Nice stylish look!

The usage of suzanne is great!

You should try to tell a story which is hidden in this picture.



oh man! so much better than first try! i Applaud you! clap clap clap clap

To say this is a noticiable improvement is an understatement. This version is in entirely different level of quality in comparision, it is, in a word, quite impressive.

But to critisize a bit, the stone texture doesn’t look as good as the rest of the scene, you coud tweak that a bit and the farmers pose isn’t as fluent as it should be, so it’s somewaht distracting.

Thanks for the comments.

I did the flame effects using the GIMP’s Smudge tool on the original particle fire. I didn’t find a way to make it just with Blender.

I think I found the problem with the stones material (it is from the matlib_v102.blend available at Blender resources page). I tried to lower the Reflection value to make the stones less shiny and I noticed that the Emit is at 0.104. I’ll set it to 0 and see how it looks.

The farmer is the only thing that survived from the first version - maybe I should have made a completely new one. I’ll try to tweak him and post another final version.

Great work, but the scene would be much better without the monkey

agreed. never use the blender monkey except for testing materials and lighting.

Updated the first post with the latest and final version. I have some other things to do for the next two months (includng school), I already started another Blender project, but I won’t have much time for it…
As always, comments are welcome. Thanks.

Excellent! :smiley:
You’ve improved that massively since you started :slight_smile:

you really improved it alot, very noticable. great job