The barn is on fire!

…featuring Suzanne’s head. :slight_smile:
This is my latest (finished, for now) creation. It is a night scene with built in stars because I don’t know how to make sky yet. I used the monkey mesh for the head but I plan to do a sculpted head for my next project.

Let me know what do you think.

Edit: Here is the WIP thread for the second version :

Very nice, but can’t you rotate the camera to see the picture more clearly.

Thanks kkrawal.
I chose that camera angle to make the picture look more “dramatic”. Here is a non-rotated-camera version, but I still think that the original is better:

this looks good but i wouldnt call it “finished” yet

I’m glad you like it. And yes there could be some more work done, that’s why I said “finished for now”. I’ll open a WIP thread when I decide to finish it more. :yes:

I like the barn it looks like it’s made of those blocks childs play with.

Somehow I knew I would laugh before I clicked on the title. An amusing image :eyebrowlift:

You should do it like that famous farmer with the pitchfork. You know what I mean like in front of the barn. The boring couple.

actually this would make a nice animation? ever considered it?

try making the color for the fire particles more orange/dark brown. that will give the flame more variety in color when add is on.
somthing like

R 0.18
G 0.09
B 0.03

if my uploader was working i would give you my fire


Thanks to all for your comments.

Vincimus: I’m not sure what famous farmer do you mean, some hysteric farmer with a fork in front of the barn?

iliketosayblah: No I haven’t considered making an animation, I’m not sure if I would handle the rigging at the current level of my Blender abilities. Maybe later I’ll try it.

Pseudonym: Could you please be more specific? What do you mean with “add is on”? I tried the values you suggested but it is very dark, almost black.

iliketosayblah: I use for uploading files, maybe you could try if it works for you?

by add, i mean the add value in the shaders panel being 1. about the darkness, I just noticed that i accidentally copied the RGB values, not the HSV. so, that would probably be the problem. if it is still too dark, try using more particles, or increase the colors value. this was just a color i made in a few seconds. it is not the perfect flame color. just a place to start from.

Now I have stuck in my head: The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire …

ok this should work the fire is halo and particle based so you should be able to manipulate it the way you want it.

Thanks Pseudonym and iliketosayblah (the download works fine), I’ll try to implement your suggestions. I will open a WIP thread for this later.

you fire looks better with the alpha on the halo texture a lot lower:

Oh, i hadent really experimented with it much. maybe i should…