The barn is on fire!

So I started improving my Barn scene. You can see the first version here:

What I plan to do is to improve the barn, the fire and the character running away from it. I also want to add some more objects around the barn.

Here is the first step. A new barn (not finished yet) and improved fire.

Feel free to post any comments.

Looks pretty good. Much better than the last one! Is that the original fire with blender internal or is the fire edited in photoshop? I made some fire that looks a whole lot like that with blender and photoshop. Hey, you didn’t steal my work did you. Lol just kidding :D.

Everything is pure Blender. The fire is a result of my experiments with the particles’ material and shaders inspired by Pseudonym and iliketosayblah suggestions in the original thread. I didn’t even know the shader controls existed before… :slight_smile:

And I don’t have Photoshop. GIMP is more than enough for my needs. :yes:

Wow sweet. Wait. Shader controls? Whats that. I guess I will have to read that thread as well. Thanks!

“Shaders” tab in the Material buttons.

Yea, I looked in that last thread of yours and I guess I do use that in my fire making. Whoops. Just didn’t know the technical name of it. Can’t wait till an update!

defintely looking much nicer this time adamW, could use some glow coming from the barns main entrance.

A little update. Added door to the barn and another fire in there. Also tried to make a sky using one of my photos.

I have just noticed that the inner side of the door is not illuminated by the fire, I’ll fix that in the next update.

Added a fork and a few more things.

nice! it looks like the monkey is smiling though, you might want to sort that out

Looks a lot better man! Like the extra additions of fire to the barn. Like the sky background as well. Good job!

Thanks for your comments iliketosayblah and Dudebot13.
Here is another update. I rearranged the objects and added a wagon and a small fence in front of the camera to fill the space. And I modified the monkey’s face so that it doesn’t look like smiling.

I’m adjusting the scene lighting for my video/monitor settings, so it may look darker/brighter than intended on your monitors.

Cool stuff! Now you just need to improve the character model, and maybe make the grass a little darker? It looks a little too green, like astroturf. And perhaps the hills in the background could be made smaller.
Other than that, I like it very much.:yes:

Nice! Looking better and better every time that I look at this thread! Great job!

Just stumbled on to this thread.
Looks like your making some good progress on this image, I admire your tenacity!
I don’t seem to be able to make myself keep working at an image to improve it.

The one thing I think would really help this image would be to tweak the pose of the monkey-man running away from the fire.
When running you tend to lean your body weight forward. Right now he looks like he is standing still with his arms in a running position.
Here’s an example(not my work)

Keep working on this!


  • tried to move the hills a little further away, ended with the hills completely removed
  • the grass is darker and shorter
  • added something what shoud be a pack of hay on the wagon
  • the monkeyman is slightly modified - leaned forward

The monkeyman is what I’m most unsatisfied with now. I think of removing the monkey head and add a new sculpted human head…

And thanks for your comments guys.

Well done, you’ve made some very good progress on this image :smiley:
However, I think you could do with toning down the lighting a bit on the front wall of the barn - most of the lighting’s coming from within so it should be a lot darker than it is at the moment. I think something like the image before the last one but a little darker would look good :yes: As for replacing the monkey head, it depends on what sort of image you’re going for - at the moment the character’s quite comical, so if that’s what you’re going for keep it as it is. Otherwise, you should definitely replace it with something else.
Keep up the good work here :slight_smile:

Add a touch of compositor or sequencer glow just to brighten things up a bit and add some color bleed.

Edit: Hope you don’t mind me using your image, but this is what I came up with:

Explore Zapper Jet

And the Nodes:

Explore Zapper Jet


RUN SUZANNE RUN!!! SAVE THE ANIMALS!!! lol nice fire though, it’s really nice actually. Does the fire look any good animated? oh and I think the barn should look more typical barnish…

Really nice image you’ve got there! I like the compositing that ZapperJet’s done to it, but maybe just tone that down a bit and it will look really good.

Have you tried rendering with a bit of AO (ambient occlusion)? Perhaps you could render an AO pass and comp’ it with the original image.

The fire inside the barn doesn’t quite look right - it almost is square-shaped…

Keep the good work up!