The Basics

This is an exercise I did to try to get better at the fundamentals of animation, mainly concentrating on timing and spacing. Please tell me what you think. Thanks

:smiley: What happens with the big ball made me laugh. Apart from that… Excellent work from a technical point of view. Smooth and coherent animations. :eyebrowlift:

Keep on the good work! :wink:

Cute ending, although I would switch the large ball (which appears to be an inflated ball, thus not all that heavy) with the second ball, which looks like solid iron. Timing and spacing look great.

very nice! What kind of motion blur settings did you use?

Thanks a lot for the comments. I guess I should have switched the large ball, the main idea was the last ball to be like a big rock but I didn’t put much effort in the shading and left it solid color.
About the motion blur, it’s the default settings from blender - Shutter: 0.5, Exposure: 1.0, Gaussian width: 1.5.

You inspire me, I need to run allot more excercises like this myself! Thanks.
and nice work.

Nice start. It’s hard to critique with all of your exercises running together and no frame counter.
From a quick look I see problems in your timing with the heavier balls. In the settle of the small one at the start there are some spacing issues.
You will get more detailed critique if you post a video with no motion blur, a frame counter and several repetitions of each shot.

Nice to see someone putting the effort in to learn the basics!

Thanks freen. You’re right about the motion blur, first I taught it looks nicer but now I see that it’s a lot more cleaner and better for critique without it. I plan to post new animations every week so for my next ones I’ll definitely make it more clear for review.