The Bath
NOTE: Should be seen full size for all detail.

Started with a little experiment in steam coming off of water, and then I decided to make it a full scene, sculpt mode used extensively here for the more obvious sculpted details and the little sculpted squares in one portion of the ceiling.

very well executed, the only thing that bothers me is the reflection on the water. I do not understand where it comes from. it looks to me abit like a reflection of a simple lamp. it s also difficult - for me - to understand where all the light in the room comes from. anyway great work, especially on modelling
4 stars :slight_smile:

Yep its great, but like relledom said the reflectuion on the water looks out of place.

very nice…i like the lighting and textures, that is except for the water…you need to 1) tint it slightly blue 2) make multiple layers to create depth, and 3) do a slight cloud or stucci normal map.

i don t agree with tcrazy that the water should be blue: by nature water is colorless but if it reflects the sky or if the ground of a swimming pool is blue, then it seem that water it self is blue. I would add textures, too and get a look what color water has e.g. in a turkish bath

Well the water wasn’t really intended to have gurgles or anything, if you look real close, you can notice some of the steam and I’ve seen steam coming from pretty calm water.

tcrazy, water is colorless unless you put blue dye in it.

I’m thinking the bath dominates too much of the scene. The ceiling/arches architecture is pretty cool (although as usual I beg to differ with your colour choice) but it is completely obliterated by the bath…the water in which is not that great.
Bringing me to the next point.
The water is not that great because at that angle, it would be almost completely reflective. Tweak your fresnel settings. Also, the strange reflection coming from an unknown source doesn’t help.
The bath tiles themselves, though, are pretty cool.:slight_smile: And I like the lighting.

In general I think it’s good. Just too bad you didn’t put it in WIP or focused critique. (Disclaimer: I do not hate this image, and I do think it is art. Please do not freak out.)

(and tcrazy, he’s right. Take a bath. The water is clear.)

What would make this scene really interesting is that you could take that cartooyn looking celeing and upper part of the wall and incorporate that into the rest of the scene as well and turn the rest of the room all twisty and curvy.

The pool in the bottom looks really boring and plain right now, you should try to liven it up a bit, as it really doesn’t go well with the rest of the scene.

love the window,