The Batman who laughs

The Batman who laughs, i love the character design of him so i just have to make it myself.

-The model made with Blender 2.79, it is quite low poly cause i aimed to make it game-engine-friendly
-UV mapped and Rigged with Maya 2017
-Clothing details sculpted with Zbrush
-Normal maps baked with XNormals
-Textures are made with Substance Painter, 2048*2048 (could go for 4k if i want to, but i feel that’s overkill)
-Rendered with Blender Cycles
-Composited with Photoshop CS6

That is basically the workflow that i’ve learned after 3 months working full time in Clay Dimension Studio (a local game studio in my country), except that they modeled with Maya, not Blender, but i still prefer Blender for this step. for the most part it is an effective workflow and i will be using it in a lot more models to come. hope you guys like this.