The Batmobile Tumbler!

I have been working on this for a couple of hours, and i am surprisingly liking the cartoon feel that came from me being too much of a lazy modeler, and would like some help keeping it consistantly cartoony, and i also need some contaxt for the bat tumbler in a scene, since my usuall style of “make a model, texture, move on” will not work, any suggestions???

Great job so far! I’m not too sure about keeping it cartoony but maybe not adding a lot of detail like rivets and keeping the material simple will work.

I’ve also made a couple of batmobiles in the past (tumbler and the Tim Burton one). The tumbler was the first vehicle I made and it was done pretty much like yours: model->texture->simple backdrop the move on. For the Tim Burton one I made my own version of the batcave after I finished modelling and texturing the vehicle. I also started making an animation for it but never got to finish. Maybe make it speed down the streets of Gotham or try to recreate the scene from TDK where Batman wedges the tumbler under the Jokers truck or blocks the RPG.

I opened a wip Page on my facebook, and forgot about this for a while, will post soon

done some small modeling since my last update, which im not sure went up or not, and this is where i stand, i think its pretty good , and i got some critiques from a 3d stream, and the comments were overwhelmingly positive with little to no critisism, i think im close, if not done, could anybody tell me otherwise??? please??? give me something to work on