The Batmobile

This is the batmobile from the 1989 batman movie. I’ve been working on this the past couple of weeks during my free time and I just wanted to make a post here and see what people think.

I’m not going for 100% accurate replica so some things will be different (mainly the trunk). I am still modelling the back and interior but I think the front is pretty much done. I also need to make a better paint shader to make it look more like the one from the movie.

I would like to either create part of the batcave or a street/alley and take a few renders of the batmobile there. I’ve been thinking of what I would want them to look like but I would like to finish the vehicle before I start the environment.

Feel free to leave a comment and if you want to view my progress, check out my WIP thread.

I really like this!! Great Model!!

My only suggestion is that it’s gray not black. The batmobile is always black. :smiley:

You’r right, its always black. The only reason why I had it was because I followed a paint shader tutorial on blender cookie and I liked the result even thought it didn’t match the car. Here is one that’s blacker.

I know the one from the movie has less reflectivity when it comes to the gloss but I’m digging this version too.

This might be the last studio render I do since I’ve started making the batcave. You don’t really get the badass/brooding feeling when it just has a simple backdrop.

Here’s and update on my project. I believe this environment does the car more justice than the studio render even though you do not get to see as much of the detail.

I am still working on the cave and am open to any suggestions.

I think you should make the glossiness on the car shader more sharp. This will make it look more black and give it more of a clean and sleek look. Other wise I think the modal is very good and has captures the likeness quite well.

On the environment I would add a spec map to the wall material.

looks awesome! I’m really liking the car model.

I can think of 2 things I would do here:

  • Add some DoF with focus on the batmobile. That stalactite in the top right should be blurry and out of focus

-Have some sort of central lighting on the batmobile. Either a spotlight from above or a ring of lights around that circular pedestal thing it’s on. As a whole, I think the scene is a bit too bright for a cave. With the really even light distribution on the rock walls, the image looks kinda flat.

I’m guessing you have some ambient lighting or a fill light or something. I would be interested to see how this would look if it was lit purely by those tiny white lights and the computer screen. I think that’d really help add some contrast!

Thanks for the feedback.

There is some DoF but I guess i can turn it up a bit. The stalactite is blurred and so are the screens in the background but I guess just not enough.

There are some spotlights above but they are high up and out of frame. I can move them down and show that they are suspended. I do have light from outside the cave (that area thats to the left of the elevator shaft thats lighter and a larger opening from the far left that contributes little light.) Also there is suppose to be water at the bottom of the cave (right now its just a flat plane) that would help reflect some of the light back onto the cave but I’ve only just thought of that, it wasnt actually planned.

Here’s an early shot of the cave where u can see the two exterior light sources. You can kinda see the hole behind the pillar on the top right img and the bottom 2 images are the same hole from different angle)

This is when i had just the 3 light sources.

I’ll play around with the lighting more to try and bring it back to the img above.

This is what I came up with after following some of your suggestions. Hope its better.

Here’s and update. Rendered it out at 1920x1080 with 2048 samples to see how long it would take (4 hours and 5 minutes).

The car is great. I don’t like the cave - especially the transition between road/floor and wall/rocks.
I wish to move closer to the car too see the detailing. The cave can be darker and add/increase light on your main character (the car). Smoke and mist can play its role too.

This is with the mist off. As you can see its much darker. I guess I can just leave it out for now.

Here are some other shots of the car. I want have at least 1 shot showing most of the cave and then several shots showing off the car a bit more. Right now I am mostly focusing on the first shot.