The Battle of Britain

Sorry I’m just a old history buff. And, remember those remarkable men and women who came before us. And, occasionally say a simple thank you.

I live just up the road from Duxford, and they have a hanger dedicated to the BOB. The aerial displays are fantastic as they reenact dogfights with the ol’ spitfires and messerschmitt planes.

Memphis Belle is always good to watch because I remember as a child when the B-17s flew over my village to arrive for filming at the museum in Cambridgeshire. Apparently, that was the first time since the end of the war that so many B-17s were assembled in flight. If you ever get chance to visit the UK then I highly recommend Duxford, as you genuinely feel something from a byegone era and the Spitfires, Hurricanes and the marvelous B-17 “Sally-B”( played herself and the Memphis Belle in the 1990 film - she has both names on either side ) really do suggest an atmosphere from that era which we can only imagine.

You can also learn some interesting tales from those years, such as when a German pilot helped guide in a crippled B-17. People do very odd things in war, and sometimes they do something unexpected and wonderful.