The Battle

My movie is finally done! Let me know what you think!

And if you like it, vote for it for the Suzanne awards (

This is great! The ending is hilarious! a well deserved good job to you sir! though i wish i could see it not in reverse.

The animations seem a bit static to me, so i downloaded the video and reversed the playback. But it’s still a bit static. However, i know how difficult and time consuming animations are and you did 4 minutes of animations. so i guess it’s about 1000-3000 Keyframes? I think it took you a long time, but i also think you should work a bit more on this project to improve a few things.

What i would improve:

  • Lighting (it’s overall too dark)
  • Shadows (i think you only used AO for most of th parts?!)
  • Animations (the animations could be abit more smooth)
  • Enviroment (the locations/scenes are pretty empty)

But what i liked:

  • it’s a unique idea
  • the combat/fighting choreography are nice (even if they are a bit static)
  • camera control was overall also good
  • slowmotion part
  • usage of simulations


For me the reason for their fighting is a bit silly. Robots don’t eat cookies and she is a bit too much overreacting. The Scenes are a bit too empty (street, weapon store, industrial complex). The Robot Characters are okay. They have a bit of detail and you recognize which one is male and which one is female.
The City looks like a ghost town, because there are no other robots or any other signs of life besides the 2 Characters.
For me the story was okay. As already mentioned i did not enjoyed to watch it as it is, because most of the movie is backwards and i dont liked it that way.
The Cookie Bar has most of the details and is also my favourite scene of the movie. However the weapon store looks a bit empty and too dark compared to the Cookie Bar.

I hope i dont wrote too much of critique. Please don’t take it personal.
I like it, but it’s not my taste :slight_smile: