The Beach House

We created this for the Golden Polygon Award, its a architecture design study:

So Blender is still present among all the other Web3D technolgies :wink:

Anybody has a tutorial about a custom scene loader that works?

Very nice. I like the textures and it ran fairly fast even on my older 800mhz machine. What did you use to texture it.

Great work! The horizon trick is awesome!

Beautiful stuff there.

being able to change the colours and furniture styles is great, and all the textures you used are very clear and perfectly mapped.

I especially like the credits :smiley:


We using Photoshop for the textures, what else :wink:

Our Special-Hoshi Smocc painted the shadow textures by hand (missing texture backing in Blender).

ap… ugg… aah… i’m speechless :o

Wow that looks great. :o

Really nice visual of the house. I really like it.
I was thinking to do my school in 3D a few years ago, but didn’t started it. :frowning:
I would made like you can walk in each classroom and chamber. :stuck_out_tongue: