The Beach House

The Beach House
The residence is located on a double block of ocean front land in Coogee, 5 miles south-east of the Sydney central business district, in Australia. Spreading on 550 square meters of land and complemented by a generous infinity pool with views of the neighboring ocean

Blender 2.62

I like the pool, especially the water. The rock in the back kind of threw me off a little though. I don’t know why, but i keep wanting to see this scene at night, with underwater pool lights. ;D

beautiful image! I’d have to say the way is my favourite part of this as well… can you explain how you did it?

As for the rest I think everything looks a bit too sharp… too much separation from each element. I don’t know how you would go about it, just a constructive criticism.

Looks awesome. The only thing that I notice is that it looks like you’ve got your ocean a bit too turbulent (is that the right word? I’ve never rendered water before). What I mean is that you can see waves on the horizon. IRL, if the waves looked that big on the horizon (=/= 69 miles away) then you’d be worried about how big they’d be once they reached land! Maybe it could be caused by massive swells, but your comp makes it look like its a pretty nice day.
I’m guessing you’ve got this result because your model isn’t 69 miles long, xD. Just something to bear in mind.
Brilliant other than that.

I would like to see a modeling tutorial.

Hey ! Nice render!

I really like the water, this is looking great. How did you do it?

The only crit would be that I think the light on the white tiles on the right looks different from the light on the staires. This might be a detail because of the texture or I don’t know…
But this ain’t killing the image :stuck_out_tongue: so , really nice render :wink:


I also really like this setting. I think the image is nice (really like the water), but something ls lacking.

The sharpness of the shadows indicate that it’s a clear sky and a very bright day, but the brightness of the sunny areas vs. the darkness of the shadow area is minimal. I would either make the shadows softer (for a slightly overcast day) or make the sun a lot brighter so that the white tiles sparkle more. It might also be worth adding a slight noise bump map, just to break up the uniformity of the tiles. Hope this helps!

That image is great, good composition and render.
Congrats man!
If you add some lens effects would be nice, like sun flare behind the tree a litte color correction, and a more highres sky to match the size of the image. But overall is great.

Good clean image and I like the water a lot. Like said before, the stairs would need a bit of texture. I would add that the tiles have too much bump + sharpen, instead I think there should be a little reflection on them. And the glass on the top terrace does not look too glassy. A funny detail I noticed, the horizon is visibly wavy, it is I assume an object in Blender made with the ocean thing? Something must be faked to straighten the horizon, it looks a bit off :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your inspiring work!

Thats a big pool. I can’t even see the ending.

The tiles look a bit sharp. Maybe add a bevel modifier

Whoa… Are you sure you didn’t just take a picture? That looks great!

very decent, especially the water.

Only flaws:
texture on the rock in back looks a bit fake
the leaves on the palm fronds are too skinny, they look like hairs and not leaves.

Looks very nice! I like the composition and overall coloring/lighting, and the vignette is a nice touch. There’s this one thing that looks a bit off though, and that’s the position of the horizon.

It gives the scene a bit of a Truman Show vibe. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, then go watch that movie right now. It is awesome. :yes:

But other than that horizon thing, it’s looking pretty good!

I appreciate all the comments, I make all the improvements

you’re wrong

Well, you have to follow the leading lines. If you do that, the thing is pretty clear :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, nice atmosphere

BBros is right, horizon should be higher. Interesting to see the original photo though, you managed to capture the feel quite nice. I like in the original the way the steps go into the water, wonder how that would look in blender.