The bear mouse

This is my first animation.After creating this clip,I learned so much that I wanted to do it all over but choose rather to make a longer short with an adventure story behind it and that is what I am working on now.

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Funny cartoon! How did you lip sync him? Did you use the bake sound to F-Curve?

It took about 30 hours to lip sync him and did it the old fashion way of just listening to it over and over and syncing it up. I also had problems recording my voice because of background noise that was really bad. My recorder that came with vista, records in .wma.I tried for hours on end trying to work around this even useing nero 8 wave editor but to no avail.It wasn’t until I converted it all to mp3 in format factory.This allowed me to take the recordings back to wave editor and remove alot of the background hissing noise. It drove me crazy trying to figure all of this out through trial and error but really learned alot. I also used wave editor to manipulate the sound of my voice. I learned hundreds of ways it wouldn’t work and one that did,so I done ok. What took the longest was modeling the character and I had a tutorial but the tutorial was for 3d max.Over and over again I would follow along with a new blend file trying to recreate this character.After about a month of every day working on this character, I finally got close enough, that I felt like I had a usable character.He still had more flaws then I preferred.
After rigging him and trying to animate him, I ran into the mesh/skin not conforming right, in which I had to edit the mesh some more to make him more usable. I also used cgborman’s tuts on rigging from youtube,which took a couple of ten hours days to complete and didn’t use all of cgborman’s techniques but for the most part I did. For animation, I learned alot from Ian Scott888 tut’s on youtube about the dope sheet and action editor.All in all it took about three months to make this clip and really learned alot.
I have not heard of bake sound to F-curve before now and am definitely going to check into it. I know absolutely nothing about baking but have heard of it before and will be learning it later on down the road
Thanks for the reply.

Cute animation! I’ve never baked a sound to an f-curve because the old fashion way of lip sync animating provides the most control. But it looks like you can make some cool effects with it. This guy made a cube change color and later change scale by baking audio to an f-curve.

I also love to make that type of cartoon animation but i use flash how to create the lip sync in that…??? ] B[FONT=Calibri, sans-serif][SIZE=3]lack e cigarette uk [/SIZE][/FONT]

Oh my god that was funny. I was truly laughing really hard. There’s issues, but seriously you need to do more with bear mouse.