The Beast -- Animated Short

While you’re eagerly awaiting the results of the Blender World Cup, here is The Beast. You can head to the main website to watch a streaming version and find the download links (720p, mid and low def). Note that links have been bolded, as doesn’t show them too well in posts on some systems.

You can also go straight to for a streaming HD version!

Clicking on the low res images below brings up the 720p version of the frame:

It’s my first animated short, created as a learning tool and companion piece for my new book Animating with Blender: How to Create Short Animations from Start to Finish. You can click the image above to hit the main website: The short was created in my “spare time” over the course of several months, with the then-in-development Blender 2.46.

The book itself covers everything you need to know to get your short animation project off the ground: story development; character design; prop, set, and character management; libraries and linking; compositing; lighting; materials; rigging; animation; compositing; editing; even sound! Yes, there are a lot of specific skills and techniques discussed, but the book really has two main goals: to show you how to put your Blender knowledge to work in the context of short animations, and, best of all, how to actually see your project through to a successful conclusion.

As I admit on the project page, the animation isn’t everything I hoped it would be. There are some things I’d have loved to have spent more time on – little bits that I’m not thrilled with – but that’s any project. Onto something new, and we spin things off into the world behind us and hope they do okay.

That said, I hope you get a smile or two from the four minutes you spend watching it.

Wow, that must have taken a long time to render. The visuals are amazing, the animation is kinda clunky though. The particles you used are basically eye-candy. One thing that bothered me was the way the baby was modelled. I felt that the baby had too many rolls of fat on him and that his nostrils were too shallow.

As an animation, it definitely served the story well. I like it, and I thought it was funny that she got sprayed, and half expected something else :slight_smile: I like the texture work and the lighting.

I look forward to getting this new book to go through the stages and see what small project I might get going :slight_smile: Very good work, and I love the music.

Nice little animation harkyman. You mind giving other people on vimeo the right to add this to collections? I’d love to add it to the Blender3D [Animations/Videos] channel

I loved what you’ve done with the hair in this one. That all looks just great. Also the lighting, textures and the modeling are very nice as well as the atmosphere.

My only bigger crit comes from the animation, which seemed a bit rigid, but other than that, the story had a very nice flow.

Great work! You really deserve a pause now I think. Having worked on a short film during school and being in the preproduction stage for another one I know what kind of dedication and energy you must have to finish it.

Have you got any stat to share ? Like how many models, complexity of the rigs, total space on hard disk, number of passes, render time per frame, errors during render, difference in speed between Windows and Linux rendering (I recall you switched) ?

Thanks a lot. Can’t wait to see the book.


Hey, nice work, it’s very cool to see it in such high quality. The texturing is great, and just the feat of writing a book and producing an animation, both with a deadline, at the same time is quite incredible. It was a lot of fun writing the music for it, and if you have any more projects, I’m always open.

I gotta say… i havent ever seen more evil looking baby… :S Not that i have seen many.
Over all the music and sound seemed fine… animations bit stutterish… some trouble with dog hair… thats about it… i’d say its nice start… needs further polishing though.

Great work, did you render with Blender Internal, Yafray, or both?
lzr, congratulations to you too.

That is one ugly baby!

Thanks guys. Some more info:

Rendered with Blender internal with a clever node pipeline for giving that look to the finished frames. On average, frames took about two minutes per on my dual core 2GB machines (running Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit and home-compiled 64-bit Blender). Everything was done with standard tools (i.e., trunk compilation), except the final composite effect which made use of my SoftLight mix node that isn’t in trunk yet.

The animation is clunky sometimes and there are other problems (dog fur, like you mentioned), but the point of the project was the overall process of producing a short animation and actually getting it done. After all the work I put into it, I couldn’t just let it only go out with the book. :slight_smile:

gianmichele – any other production questions you can answer yourself. The production files are all Creative Commons. They come with the book, but I’ll be making them available (somehow, they’re large) after the book has had a month or two of release.