"The Beast in Me" WIP

(RbTheO) #1

Just wanted to start sharing our progress on a short film project we are working on.
For this project we are trying to blend a stylized/cartoonish look with realism + horror elements.

Below you find a concept renders:

Credits: Cheryl Chen & Sebastian Rosso

I’ll update more soon!

(sundialsvc4) #2

Looking forward to much-more about this project – and eventually, grabbing my popcorn and watching it. It’s a terrific horror concept and a nice protagonist, and I like what the framing and shading of even this mug-shot suggests about what cinematography you may have in mind. The details in this frame are excellent, as is the lighting and materials. (The closer you look at that velour, the more terrifying it becomes.)

(RbTheO) #3

Thank you very much! Most of it was made in Blender and Photoshop.

(XeroShadow) #4

From the screen shot, I can tell that this was one of those old case files. The texturing looks flawless. It looks like that she was appended in the forest while it was raining from the way the coat looks. The fresh scar on the left side of her face let the person know that she was recently attacked. So her situation is only about to get worse!

(RbTheO) #5

Thx for your input!

I uploaded a close-up render too…

(XeroShadow) #6

Yup! Looking forward towards this!

(RbTheO) #7

Glad to hear! Added new pictures.

(FGO) #8

very nice realism of the ambience,
thank you for this work