The Beast & Longer Hair

Here’s a nice head-scratcher…

Is it possible to conform hair (possibly beast hair) with some kind constraint? Words…fail me. Let me illustrate my point with high resolution, mind-bogglingly photo real images:
Head aww, he’s cute…
Head With Hair
Constrained Hair? With a box? or path/spline? :-?

okay, i think i have a better explanation now. possibly could all verts outide ‘x area’ or ‘x box’ be moved along the downward axis until it’s inside the box?

I know you can do this with fiber guides in Fiber 2.3x but I do not know about theBeast. I do not think it is possible with theBeast unless you added and empty then used either a track to or a copy rotation constraint on the cards.

if in Beast the cards could be auto weighted to armatures that would give lots of group control to it.

:o :o

Fibre Generator was lost on me until you said that. Quite nice indeed. It require a minute’s worth of tweaking, but i think i see a bright future for hair in scenes. I’m impressed. I was half-hoping i wouldn’t just have to start coding something with little to go on. Rock on, Rip Sting!
This required only 1.5 minutes…i could do much better if i’d sit and give it some e-f-f-o-r-t. :wink:

Auto-weighted? hmmm…gives me something to code over…turning on the ol’ python engine…

Just to add to the auto weighted remember it should be groups of cards not one chain for each card, that would get so buggy slow. But small groups would be sweet.