The beast of the Daher

Hi everyone,

I have put another image online.

more details -> here < , C&C are welcome

This may sound wierd, and I don’t want to offend you, but…

The modell (in my opinion) isn’t detaild enough to have that great lightning. That means: The modell needs work, and the lightning and atmosphere in the scene is very good, so keep that! %|

I think it looks awsome. I never seen a beast like that before, I think he does need a bit more detail though.
Keep up the great work,

wow, is great :o

Totally agree!
Model looks baad comparing to the lightning.

cool it’s like an outer space version of ‘hound of the baskervilles’ (which was originally taken from the legend of ‘black jake’, the devil dog. )

I appreciate what you’ve done here. Organic modeling is not easy, and your efforts with this are obvious.

I spent some time looking over your WIP at your website, and I noticed you did experiment with other textures. The main model itself is actually not bad at all. You attempted to define some muscular regions, and you changed the position of the rear leg to give it a more active than neutral stance. Good :slight_smile:

Some things you might want to consider if you want to try to take this even further: for more detail you might want to experiment with introducing loop cuts and/or by using the knife too to further define muscles, wrinkles, etc. You might want to look into displacement to possibly increase details that way. You might want to try a Smooth subdivide of all verts of the model (then clicking the Smooth button a few times). This will introduce more verts into your model, which can be used to establish more details. As an alternative, you also might want to consider setting the model on level one or two subsurf, converting that subsurf to a mesh (ALT C), and then tweaking the mesh to model more details. You still might need to subsurf the mesh to smooth it out completely, but you will have more verts to work with.

That said, I think the face is very nicely detailed, and your lighting scheme works very well for this scene.

One texture you used earlier seemed to have interesting results, so I wondered what the model would have liked if you incorporated that texture more with the existing one (since I read you composited some already). I made a quick composited demonstration for your consideration of how that might look below, along with some slight additional blur on the background to help bring the main subject into focus more quickly.

Keep up the good work,



I agree with the model being alittle simpe… but great scene and render :slight_smile: [!] [!]


Well, thanks everyone for all the feedback, and Robertt for being a little more specific.

You all seem to agree on the model being too simplistic. It’s true the basic shape was modeled quite quickly. Even though I tried to improve it along the setting of lightings and textures, I might have lacked of vertices for the details since the basic shape was so simple.

I hadn’t thought of smoothing the model in order to get more vertcices and work on the details. I’m not sure I will come back on that picture but I’ll sure keep all your comments in mind for the next ones.

ps on Robertt’s example: The body sure looks good but this might make the face a little too red, no? Anyway, thanks for taking the time of playing with it, your feedback is appreciated (the others too ;)).