The Beast

the beats was modelled and textured by bastable i just create a scene, set the lights and make some pospro.

The red grass i made with the new Particle Hair System.

Blender, Photoshop
hope u like it!

wfg 8)

sweet, try fibergrass and choose what you like best

awsomeness, pure awsomeness. a very cool and evil looking beast indeed.

The Beast is very well modelled and textured indeed, however i couldnt really say you’ve done it justice through your scene.

What a SEXY BEAST! :slight_smile:

One thing I don’t get is the skin of that beast meant to be like leather?

It looks leatherish to me.

Also, the red grasses seems to be spiking through his legs.


very cool.

hope u like it???

offcourse i do

it looks mega-cool and even more then that

Now this belongs in the BLENDER GALLERY ^^;

-was it all done in blender?

That is excellent, no less :slight_smile:

What is made by PhotoShop/Gimp

hey thx for the nice feedback :smiley:

blender: beast, grass, lighting

ps: background, texture, blur, color correction

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Nice work man

Not much creature in the Finished section. This is probably one i’ve seen for a long time with good textures and lighting.

I like the image and all the red tones. It reminds me of Doom 3.

One thing that bothers me is the high specular on the skin. It makes the beast look like it’s lit artificially. Outdoor lighting doesn’t make things look so shiny usually because the sun is the only light source and it’s not very close.

Also, the DOF blur is over too small a range. Since the beast is the focus of the image, none of his body should be blurred. The background by all means and possibly even some of the foreground grass but not the beast itself.

Wow! :o
Good work.

maybe you should make a movie with those beasts

if it don’t renders tooooooo long :frowning:

:o that thing is friggin awesome!
nice work to u on the scene and lighting :smiley:

Awesome, but I should suggest using deflection for the grass, as it is passing through the leg meshes.

thx :smiley:

wfg 8)

Beautiful model and environment. As for the grass you could try Ripsting fiberscript maybe…

The skin of the beast looks wonderful.