"The beauty of mechanics" . Speed modelling contes


This was my entry to a 3 hour speed modelling contest
on a local site.

What do you think?


It took you 3 hours to take your digital camara and go take that photo?!?


Its looking really cool but there is some aliasing. Also, those upper 3 gears don’t look like they’d mesh properly, the teeth of the middle one are much smaller.
Anyway, nice speed modeling!

Looks good man!

is it anything? very good modelling, and nice texture look.

I love mechanics, and especially these - well done!

Looks good, but could be much better! Work on the belt, that looks a bit off, and what are the funny shadows about?

Thanks all for the kind words & constructive criticism.

I’ve re-rendered the above image (now replaced with the new render)
this time with 8 x oversampling + increased the Ambient Occlusion Sample with +1 (it’s 6 samples now!).

Also - I’ve made the image sligthtly brighter. As it is a speed-modelling contest, all I’m allowed to do is to “re-render”, the modelling & texturing stays as it is…untouched :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen the last render, but this render is awesome!

Very photo realistic, I don’t think it needs any improvement since nothing realistic is perfect ether you could just say the the gears that don’t touch are a bit off, its possible, by the way I desagree with anogarlr I don’t think the belt of off at all, it looks fne to me.

Good peice of work, especialy for 3 hours


Great work, I really like how the camera is set for this render. I think that it could use a few material tweaks though. Its kind of to specular or reflective IMO, sense its old and all.

Thanks Guys! :smiley:

It’s supposed to be “wet”, it’s wet and rusty and the
oil /fluid’s are mixing with water.

I really love Blender’s new Procedural-Texture generators in combination with Ambient Occlusion…it gives us the possibillites we just did in Yafray earlier…now lightning fast with the Internal Renderer.

(KUDOS to the programmers!)

Excellent work. I’d expect that the rubber belt would show some amount of surface detail (e.g. a bump map) but that’s a small quibble. The camera angle and composition is good and tight.

That’s cool :smiley:
Nothing more to say!

Wow, nice job, how did u make those nice rust textures?

Many many many thanks for the kind words guys,


The rust texture is in fact pure luck and then some.
It’s the new procedurals in Blender 2.33. I tried messing
around with vornoi + other combinations, also with the
affect normals (bump mapping).

what made the “huge” difference was Ambient Occlusion.
Because of the small creases and variations affected
normals make due to the bump-mapping, it will “shade”
the areas and vary the darkness of the area according
to the variations in the bump-map-pattern, this together
with nice creases in the models…creates the oily-dark &
rust-like appearence.


o kool, thanks for the help. I’ll have to try that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, but i’m still wondering what ir ia exatly.