The beauty outside the cave

The beauty is from makehuman.


This is an odd composition…sorry…what’s with the towel over the face? It screams symbolism. Sort of pornographic…

True statement above, but the model seems to have good proportions. I like it, for the most part.

Looks good, but I’d add AAO and if I knew how, I’d texture the skin a bit.

Idea-wise, I like this a lot. It’s understated and slightly indie. Intentionally or not, that rocks.

Cause it’s makehuman.

I disagree actually. The models right hand is a bit small and awkward.

I think by “proprtion” he meant “boobs”. Just kidding…The hand does seem a bit small, now that you mention it…

well, makehuman is great, and for a begginer it’s no shame to use it. Although the “symbolism” is in sharp contrast to the perfectness of the body and the imperfectness of the rest in the scene, also counting the monocolor texture of the body.destroying the perfectness could bring actually better results, since the image wouldn’t be so much “punching the eye”

:Dyes~2 symbolism
first–>I Have No Skills for the hair
I Have No Skills for the cloth
actually i have test the skin much version
but i think the one i post is much more successful than other test version i did.

about the size of left hand and the right hand ,don,t know why??
diffent camera angle different size?
thanks everybody~~:D:D:D