The belly feed back

I’m trying to get feed back for the whole body for the purpose of refining my anatomy of human sculpting. I’ve been going by encorch models and looking at 3d scans of humans.

Nice so far.
Starting from the top:
I would say the girth of the arms could be increased (given the body size).
orig arm big arm
The breasts look too firm and not affected by gravity. That means bringing them down a little and the bottom can be quite round but the top half is a little less so.
Then I get a “wide” feeling from the torso. There are probably women who are shaped like this, but I think pull in more.

Then, the mons pubis. I would say look at the wikipedia article:

A slightly more mounded front and the labia majora don’t shoot off so wide.
mons ++

I did make the arm bigger, and shaped up the top, plus shaped up the bottom.

Oh and shaped the mid.

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