(The Benedict) Space/Alien shooter, 1st part done

You can have this but just Give me some credit ok. Umm Just Press § to play.

And Press W,S,A,D to move. Up arrow to run. © to crouch. ® to Restart. just collect the blue orbs and once you get to the end of the Level. dont get touched by the bigger alien slug thingy. or you loos and have to restart. youll be sent somewere else and press R to restart. MUAHAAHAHA… You can go ahead and edit it to what ever you want. But give me credit ok. Doen all of this work. took me a week. you welcome…http://www.filefront.com/14241991/LV1.blend the blend is called LV1

lol, double post? Try asking a mod to delete it xD

As for the game, did you forgot to pack the textures? The camera is a bit weird :\ you should use a camera script so you can place the camera where ever the player feels right. If you jump too high, you fall through the floor, try adding bounds and box to the floor then re-center the center point or the bounding will mess up.

Other then that the animations are pretty cool, good start keep on working on it, :wink:

Thanks for the info. I can really use the tips. because i used blender for a while and I was working in the game engine then I quit then I went to animation, now im back to making games. LOL. but thanks. ill try what you said about the floor thing. I hop it works…

O and sorry you have to put the game in texture view. do you do that